SoloDiesel – Safety for the price of one fuel tankFuelling using SoloDiesel device

Why risk and maybe one day in a moment of absentmindedness fill the wrong fuel and cause a lot of inconvenience, not to mention needless costs reaching as much as a few thousand euros?

The feeling of safety of being aware that you have installed the SoloDiesel cap is worth approximately as much as one fuel tank of a medium-standard vehicle. The costs incurred by misfuelling petrol into a diesel-fuelled vehicle, can be as much as one hundred times higher.

Some costs arising from misfuelling also stay “hidden” and are revealed only in the long term. Often we are not even aware that they are caused by misfuelling.

If we establish our mistake immediately and do not start the engine of the diesel vehicle, which we have filled, the cost of repair can be less than 200 euros. The repair shop will empty your tank for around 80 to 100 euros. However, to this amount you must also add the cost of vehicle towing, which of course depends on the distance of the service station from the workshop. The overall price also includes the cost of drained fuel, which must be properly ecologically disposed of.

A SoloDiesel CapDon’t start the engine if you misfuel. If you have already started the engine and already put petrol into a diesel pump, you will not be able to avoid damaging movable engine parts due to lubrication inability of petrol. After misfuelling fuel pump, seals, filter, fuel pipe and injector are most likely to get damaged. If we keep driving with the wrong fuel for some time, the damage is only bound to increase.

In the EU, approximately one million vehicles are under repair as a result of misfuelling every year. It has been calculated that the average cost of repair of a petrol-driven diesel engine amounts to around six to eight thousand euros, or to as much as 15 thousand euros in extreme cases.

In case of newer diesel-driven vehicles with modern electronics we have to be extra careful not to unlock the door after establishing we have filled the wrong fuel. For the benefit of faster engine start-up, some models already initiate the process of glow plug heating and inject fuel into the pump.