Misfuelling Facts & Stats

SoloDiesel SD2 Cap

Why do we need the SoloDiesel cap, which prevents filling petrol into diesel-fuelled vehicles?

Because every fifth owner of a diesel-fuelled vehicle misfuels at least once in his or her lifetime – although you believe this will not happen to you. Market research has shown that every other driver knows someone, who has misfuelled. In the EU there are already 65 million diesel-fuelled vehicles, but every year a million vehicles are damaged as a result of misfuelling.

High costs

In total owners pay around 900 million euros for repairs, whereas additional 100 million euros go for incidental costs (such as, lease of a replacement vehicle).

The SoloDiesel cap costs approximately as much as one fuel tank. Misfuelling can cost you at least 130 euros or as much as several thousand euros in extreme cases. The EU statistics shows that the cost of average repair of the diesel engine, which has been filled with petrol, ranges from six to eight thousand euros. This means that a repair can cost you as much as 15 thousand euros in the worst-case scenario.

Expensive absentmindedness

In Great Britain, where 43 percent of vehicles are driven by diesel engines, misfuelling will send 155 thousand vehicles to repair shops each year. Misfuelling happens every 3.5 minutes or 400-times a day. Only in Great Britain 7.5 million litres of “dirty” unusable fuel as a result of misfuelling must be ecologically disposed of every year.

SoloDiesel prevents misfueling in a reliable way

SoloDiesel adapts to 95% of all car brands. And what is even more important: SoloDiesel is the only cap, which reliably prevents misfuelling.

The SoloDiesel cap offers protection from misfuelling to newer and older models of diesel vehicles, even vehicles manufactured before 1980.