Installation of the cap is simple

The SoloDiesel cap enables fast and simple filling of diesel fuel without unscrewing or screwing the fuel cap.

Installing the SoloDiesel cap to the filler neck is perfectly simple. You can replace the original cap by yourselves in two minutes without using any tool.

Suits nearly all models

First remove the existing fuel cap. Take a look inside the filler neck. If there is a flap inside, insert the white tube correctly, so that the TOP sign reaches the highest point. If there is no flap visible, do not insert the white tube at all.

Install the SoloDiesel cap into the tank aperture by rotating it clockwise until it is firmly tightened. Then proceed turning the ribbed part of the cap clockwise until the TOP sign reaches the highest point. The cap is installed and your can start filling.

The cap is installed only once

The SoloDiesel cap is installed only once, as it wholly replaces the original cap. Your vehicle will be protected from misfuelling throughout its service life.

Removal of the cap is just as simple as the installation. SoloDiesel is also transferable and can be used as a protection of several vehicles. You must only make sure that a specific type of the SoloDiesel cap fits a certain type of the filler neck.
All SoloDiesel models are easy to install. All you need to do is follow five simple steps: