About Solodiesel

SoloDiesel – The most effective solution

The key part of the SoloDiesel cap, which reliably prevents misfuelling, inclSoloDiesel v2 capudes fiveĀ safety latches, which recognize the diameter of the fuel nozzle.

In case you attempt to insert a narrower petrol nozzle into a wider diesel fuel aperture,SoloDiesel will prevent this by means of the above-mentioned safety latches and block the petrol nozzle. On the other hand, the system allows easy access to the diesel fuel nozzle with the right diameter. Because unscrewing and screwing of the fuel cap is not needed, SoloDiesel also guarantees fast fuelling.

The flap automatically closes the aperture after fuelling, whereas in accordance with allĀ European standards it also enables proper ventilation or pressure regulation in the tank. Of course, the whole SoloDiesel cap is made in accordance with all European standards and can replace the existing fuel tank cap.

Comfortable SoloDiesel capfuelling

Have you every watched Formula 1 races and noticed quick refuelling of the racing car without having to unscrew or screw the fuel cap during short pits stops?

Even the SoloDiesel cap having the primary function of preventing misfuelling the wrong (petrol) fuel into diesel-fuelled vehicles has a similar flap system. Once we insert the fuel nozzle into the aperture, the flap removes, when we pull the fuel nozzle out, the flap automatically closes.

Therefore, the SoloDiesel cap enables fast and easy fuelling, and it reliably prevents misfuelling. Check out our compatibility list here.