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15,000 misfuellings: more men than women!

15,000 misfuelings: more men than women!

Fueling nevertheless proved itself as a complicated process once again. 15.000 drivers yearly put wrong fuel into their vehicle in the Netherlands. A lot of problems occur also due to the different names on the pumps and different colors of the filler nozzles.

Before all men start blaming women; in percentage terms, it is slightly more likely for the guys to go wrong.

Many things still go wrong due to the different names. That is why it is sometimes hard to fill the gas in a gasoline vehicle and the diesel in the diesel vehicle. By far the most frequent mistake is pouring the petrol fuel into the diesel vehicle. Putting diesel fuel into the petrol fuel vehicle is harder due to the narrower filler neck opening, but it still happens!

“Yes, this is shocking” says Markus van Tol of the ANWB. “Because the diesel nozzle does not fit into the petrol fuel vehicle, yet people still manage to do it by stuffing/forcing the nozzle into the filler neck.”


There are 1.2 million per year assistance requests from which thousands of cases are with wrong fuel in the tank. “We are driving a Volkswagen Transporter with a special installation that allows us to suck fuel from a car” says van Tol. “It is mostly for the owners who did not start the car after pouring wrong fuel into the tank. If they actually start the engine or worse, drive the vehicle, then the fuel gets circulated and the problems are much worse.”

The ANWB spokesman thinks he knows where the problem is. “For example, many times people borrow each others vehicles and don’t know which fuel should they fill at the gas station. Or they simply fuel the vehicle at the gas station they are not used to and grab a wrong fuel nozzle by mistake. ”

Source: Metro July 1, 2015 by Tjerk de Vries