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Garage owner tells of the costs of misfuelling

Misfuelling is on the rise – don’t get ripped-off for a Diesel accident. A garage owner tells of the costs

Whilst visiting my local Sainsbury’s petrol station last week to refuel my guzzling Vito with yet another £80 worth of Diesel, I couldn’t help but notice the AA van opposite. It was connected to a 2006 Audi A3 by a series of pipes and a big warning sign informed passers-by that they shouldn’t smoke, use naked flames or mobile telephones. A quick glance in the back of the van revealed an array of shiny dials and gauges and it was very reminiscent of an aircraft refuelling truck used to refuel jets at Heathrow!

Of course, I knew exactly what it was for as we see the results of what’s commonly known as ‘mis-fuelling’ practically every week. According to the AA, some 150,000 people a year accidently put the wrong fuel in their cars, which is 1 every 3.5 minutes! Click here for the full story.