About Us

UK SoloDiesel is the only UK licensed distributor of Solodiesel.

SoloDiesel SD2 packaged

UK SoloDiesel is a trading name of Agile Products. Agile Products sell unique products to customer across the UK.

SoloDiesel is a common project of two associated companies with decades of experience in the field of high technology and military products, automotive industry products, international sales, marketing and advertising.

Alara d.o.o.

The newest member of this larger group is the Slovenian company Alara, who is also the general distributor of the SoloDiesel. They have years of experience in the field of marketing and marketing consultancy. They have a well established centre for collection and analysis of innovations and they have been successfully introducing new products to the European and global market. They prepare the correct marketing strategy for their clients, give them advice and support the marketing of their products on domestic and foreign markers and they handle the whole marketing of the products by themselves.

Arex d.o.o.

Arex is a Slovenian company responsible for the development and manufacturing of the SoloDiesel cap, which is being made to prevent misfuelling. Arex’s activities span to various fields, but they are specialized in automotive, caravan, skiing and military branch.

Arex offers development of smaller half-products made from plastic, metal, textile or in any combination of these materials if the client requires it. Arex manufactures prototype products with tools developed by the company itself, testing of these products and all necessary modifications. They are also manufacturing tools for serial production, as well as serial production on the latest CNC machines.